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Yale's full-time MBA program transforms the leaders of tomorrow with the knowledge, the resources, and the networks to pursue positive and ambitious change. Our graduates go on to succeed in top positions across countless industries.

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I chose SOM for its exceptional blend of classroom and extracurricular learning opportunities. We are encouraged to take advantage of a wide range of elective courses offered across the university. As someone who comes from a nontraditional background, I greatly value the opportunity to learn from a diverse group of classmates with varied experiences and expertise. Since being here, I have met students who have worked everywhere from a theme park to an oil rig.

Liv Ouyang ’24

I chose Yale SOM because of its unique community. I reached out to alumni and current students and was struck by their generosity and advice. They were genuinely trying to help me make the best decision. An alumnus from Uruguay put it best: "At SOM, we rise by lifting others."

Mateo Prudencio Csapek ’24

I was initially drawn to the school's mission to educate leaders for business & society. I wanted to be part of a student body that valued corporate social responsiblity and recognized the importance of responsible business practices.

Niagara Pal ’24

The COMMUNITY! I love being surrounded by incredible, yet humble people that care about making a positive societal impact. The people here are uniquely collaborative and kind, instead of competitive and cutthroat.

Cinthya Garibay-Collard ’24

I have enjoyed a wide array of the classes I have taken at SOM but my favorite so far is "Modeling Managerial Decisions"(MGT 405). This class, which is an MBA core class, gave me a different and unique perspective into allocation of resources and decision-making that leaders are tasked with at various levels in organizations.

Frank Ogbuagu ’24

My favorite class in the Core was Operations Engine with Professor Lesley Meng. As someone who is constantly considering how to improve efficiencies in any process, I thoroughly enjoyed how simple Professor Meng made the various concepts around the scientific principles of operations management.

Steph Kim ’24

There were several reasons that made me choose Yale SOM (without particular order): SOM's mission of positively impacting society (SOM has several courses and initiatives to have a holistic approach to stakeholder management); All that Yale University has to offer (courses, events, theater, sports, etc.); Strength in the healthcare sector (at school, university, and New Haven as a hub); Academic experience (Core Curriculum has been very useful as I do not have a business background and we have great professors!); Great location in New Haven, midway between NYC and Boston. New Haven is a very manageable city that facilitates building a community with other classmates.

Julian Fuentes-Loza ’24

Yale SOM's strong and flexible integration with other graduate programs was one of the biggest reasons I chose to attend. As a former energy and environmental policy professional planning to pivot to the private sector, I was particularly focused on how the Yale School of the Environment's course offerings could supplement SOM's core curriculum.

Kevin Moss ’24

The world is your classroom in our Global Network

You'll pursue intensive study at another of our 30 school network. This experience is like none other and will position you to thrive in roles requiring a broad understanding of the differences between markets and diverse stakeholders.

Yale Som's network of 30 schools around the globe.
Students socializing in Ross Library of Evans Hall
Student collaborating in a Yale SOM breakout room